Hey guys,

Its been a long time since I have blogged as I was travelling.So this was the first time I bought products from Nars and Too Faced and I was so excited to try these products out.

1.Nars sheer glow foundation

2Too faced Nude beach lipstick

3.Beauty blender




Nars sheer glow foundation is a Transparent-schimmernde foundation. I use the shade Punjab sheer glow ,that is Medium 1 ,number 6043. Its a 30 ml bottle and there are 20 shades in this product.

Sheer Glow Foundation complexion brightening formula , sheer glow silky fluid delivers immediate hydration, evens skin tone and leaves the skin brighter and more radiant, used daily your skin texture improves over time, becoming softer,smoother and more luminous. Sheer glow foundation provides weightless and buildable coverage, with a natural radiant finish.



  • It is definitely buildable.
  • Love the glow that i get after putting it .
  • Like the packaging.
  • Lasts really long after applying .
  • Does not crack up and is moisturizing.


  • Have to buy the pump for the foundation separately.
  • It is a bit runny.



Pump for the foundation-$6



The Too Faced la creme colour drenched lip cream is a really moisturizing lipstick .I am using the shade Nude beach and it is a beautiful everyday colour. I love nude lipsticks and this is definitely one of my favourite colour and it is a 3g packaging.

The packing says – Indulge lips with rich creamy colour, drenched with powerful lip conditioners.It also says moisture rich , lotus flower and power peptides.

I would recommend this to anyone with dry lips.




  • The packaging is so beautiful, I mean look at it pink with all the beautiful print on it and the lipstick has too faced embossed on it and its gold in colour, absolutely love the packaging.
  • The shade really goes well with my skin tone.
  • Very smooth and moisturizing, not drying at all.(it really hydrates and smoothens my lips)
  • Lasts very long on the lips



Beauty Blender


Beauty blender is a makeup sponge and it comes in an egg shape.So I was trying to get my hands on the black one as I heard all the youtubers raving about the fact the black one is better than the others.


Honestly , this is the best makeup applicator, I cannot go back to using brushes, sure it is really expensive but when I put my foundation on it is so even and nice and the coverage is proper, I am so happy with this product, no cons at all.It is such a basic product but it totally changes the way I put on makeup, definitely give this one a try.


So why I chose the black one, according to beauty blenders site the black one gives a more professional look, the black one is supposed to be more softer and porus and the colour does not run like the pink ones does.



The cost for the pink and black beauty blenders are the same.