Today i’m gonna share the lipsticks and lip products I reach out for the most.So these lipsticks or lip products are really essential for me and are my favourite colours. Whenever I step out of my house one of these has to be there lying somewhere in my bag.

  1. Lakme Scarlet Drill – Top left in the picture
  2. Lakme Punch Path – Top right 
  3. Bobbi Brown – Rouge à Lèveres – Tulle(34) – at the bottom 


Lakme Scarlet Drill



Lakme Scarlet Drill is from Lakme’s 9 to 5 collection. SO the middle one is the Scarlet Drill. Its a really dark brown colour with a tinge of pink, looks really sexy on the lips can be worn on a night out or even at work. Its very subtle inspite of being on the dark side. Sorry guys the picture is not exactly showing the colour.The consistency of the lipstick is really good keeps the lip creamy and it has a matte finish which i personally like just adds to the stash of matte lipsticks i have.

The packaging is really nice , its a rose gold packaging .

I don’t have any cons for this products as the application is fast and easy , the formula is  really good and it keeps my lips creamy

One con would be i have to touch it up a few times in a day.


9 to 5

Lakmé Nine to Five brings you a range of 15 shades that sit on your lips all day long. Enriched with Vitamin E; it conditions your lips & softens them with wheat germ oil. So, perk those soft, smooth lips with a touch of matte.

Matte is the new sexy and Lakmé 9to5 Matte Lipcolor delivers exactly that and much more for lush and perky lips.

Lakme Punch Path

Lakme Punch Path is also from the collection 9 to 5 . It is the first one in the picture above. It ia a mixture of pink and brown and is light in colour so would go with any outfit.

When i bought these two colours, these two colours really look same in their packaging , so my mom was lil you bought the same colours . But when i applied them and showed they do look really different.

Cost for these two products is Rs450 each.

Bobbi Brown – Rouge à Lèveres


This one is definitely a keeper , it is such beautiful colour, that i feel in love with it the minute i applied it. It is in the shade Tulle (34). It is the last one in the picture on my hand . It is a beautiful pink colour with a tinge of brown, probably from the nude family


  • Beautiful colour
  • very good consistency – creamy and nice
  • stays on for a long time
  • love the packaging


  • Its costs Rs2700 which is expensive(but totally worth it because i use this colour every second day)