Hey guys,

So in this post I’m gonna talk about products that i bought and are just amazing and are totally worth it<3

  1. The nudes Maybeline Palette
  2. Sephora Pivoine Mosturising body lotion

1. The Nudes Maybeline Palette


The Nudes by Maybeline is an eyeshadow palate , with 12 shades in one palette. This palette is so versatile that its my go to eyeshadow palate , i can use it for work,party’s or just a casual look. Its really light , so I can easily travel with it

It has a brush along with it which is two sided , on one side there is a thin brush and on the other side a thicker version of it .

On the packaging it says it can create 13 looks in one palate and it costs Rs899 which is definetly a good bargain.

The palate that i bought  has all neutral shades from silver shimmer , brown shimmer and matte, golden, grey matte , black matte,nude shade matte etc.

so it is a combination of matte and shimmer eyeshadows .

Maybeline also provides different looks that we can get from this palate on their website.


I had done a review on sephora eyeshawdows which were like 900Rs each.. this palette definitely is a Dupe for them.

2.Sephora Peony Moisturising body lotion


The Sephora Peony moisturising lotion comes in a light pink packaging which is definitely cute. It is a 190ml bottle which has a pump sort of output so no wastage there.

On the packaging it says that it is dermatologically tested. Paraben free. Its lightly scented texture, enriched with peony flower extract, melts on the skin. penetrates immediately without leaving an oily film, for instant comfort. Leaves skin soft  and moisturised all day long.

The fact that i really like this product is because of the smell , its a really light fresh smell and true to its words .. it does not leave any oily film on the skin.

It costs Rs800-900

Peony is a flowering plant and it is just beautiful

The fattest and most scrumptious of all flowers, a rare fusion of fluff and majesty, the peony is now coming into bloom. –Henry Mitchell